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Miguel Puerta Coleman

Musical formation:

At 12 years he started to learn flamenco guitar with the master Rafael Cortés (Flamenco guitar award winner at Jerez de la Frontera festival). At 18 years old, he continued his professional formation with one of the most prestigious guitarists in Spanish flamenco, José Carmona Habichuela. After this he specialized in the techniques of flamenco with flamenco master Oscar Herrero.

Work Experience:

At 16 years old he held his first concert at the Monumental Theatre in Madrid and continued his progress as a professional guitarist sharing his stage with the Habichuela family. He played concerts all over Spain in flamenco locations (tablaos) such as: Madrid, Sevilla, Córdoba, Granada, Baleares, Canarias, Barcelona, País Vasco etc. Later on he would accompany famous flamenco artists on international tours to countries such as Italy, France, Japan, Cuba and USA. Among the artists he’s toured with are Julia Murillo Meneses, Almudena García, Enrique Morente, El Terremoto, Ramón Cortés, Ramón Vargas, El Tato etc. He also worked for various years in the famous Amor de Dios School along side, among others, La Tati. For four years, Miguel collaborated in the songs on the top flamenco circuit in Madrid. His biggest feat as an artist came with Candela and Casa Patas sharing a big influence from artists such as Paco De Lucia, Tomatito, Enrique Morente, Los Hermanos Carbonell and the unforgetable “Miguelito”. Also he collaborated on Cds with (Antonio Carmona, Antonio Orozco, Julio Iglesias) and follow up a dance from Juan Ramírez (dancer Paco de Lucía). He now produces flamenco educational activities and accompanies the dances of one of the future stars of flamenco, Margarita Alet.

Margarita Alet Brinksma

Professional formation:

At 8 years old she started participating in national and international competitions, later she entered the national gymnastic team with Veneta Mihaylov. During this time she partook in ballet and modern dance lessons until eventually finding the flamenco art form. Born in Holland, after she was seen dancing flamenco, you could say it was if she came from a small location called Andalucía. Once arrived in Spain, she became part of the Lucero de Lora and Javier Jurado Dance Company and participated in a variety of the most prestigious festivals in Catalonia. She worked daily in “La Masía” in Tordera. Later on she participated in the flamenco group of “La Shoshi” in Madrid and started her professional journey through different countries around the world. She today recives clases from Emilia Contreras Cortés “La Chocolata” and Juan Ramírez (dancer Paco de Lucía). She’s also an awarded flamenco dance teacher. For the last 12 years she has done classes and workshops for children and adults.

Work Experience:

Tablao Piano Piano in Barcelona, Ballet of La Masía in Girona, a variety of theater across the spanish peninsula. She played the role of “Carmen” in a special piece represented in the Museum of Groningen (Holland) and in the theater of Marbella at the festival “Flamenco Jóvenes”. She shares stages with, between others, Manuel Fernández “El Chiquitín”, Miguel Puerta y Emilia Contreras Cortés “La Chocolata” in the MUBAG (Museo de Bellas Artes Gravina) in Alicante. Also tours in Israel and Holland, playing theaters in the major cities. Currently dances with Flamenco Candela group.