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Manuel Fernández “El Chiquitín”

Winner of the “Lampara Minera de La Union” award five years in a row. His version of  “La Soleá” gives off a beauty that makes us want to record the pure authentic flamenco at its finest. He often played alongside first class flamenco artists like “La Chunga”, Juan del Revuelo, Manuela la del Revuelo etc.

Antonio Fernández “El Torero”

A guitarist with a very pure style of the flamenco from the Levante and “La Mina”. He’s the official guitarist of the famous flamenco festival of “Lo Ferro” and worked alongside El Cigala, Juan Ramírez, La Chunga, La Chocolata etc.

Emilia Contreras Cortés “La Chocolata”

Gypsy originated dancer, always showing her special energy leaving the public breathless. Her strength, speed and rythm are caracteristic of such a great artist as is Emilia Contreras “La Chocolata”.

Juan Ramírez

His name says everything, an excellent, world renowned dancer of Paco de Lucía, a great professional with an even greater personality. He posses the main ingredients to show his soul onstage.

Denise Rivera

Born as an authentic star who shows of her voice, so sweet, sensual, smooth and penetrating. Her beauty, her love for the art form and her humility joined together in a bubble, that bursts on to every stage on which she stands.

Almudena García



“Thank you to everyone for making it possible for our art form to be enriched with the demonstrations of care and support”