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Flamenco Candela was born in 2004, a moment in which various artists with lots of individual experience decided to join their passion and love for the art of flamenco. Ever since, Flamenco Candela has offered their shows in Spain and has done various tours in Europe showing and defending their cultural values and especially those of the flamenco tradition. The guitarist Miguel Puerta and dancer Margarita Alet are the founders of Flamenco Candela and along with displaying their art onstage, they also teach guitar and dance. They often play alongside first class singers, dancers and percussionists after being invited, such as singer Manuel Fernández “El Chiquitín”, dancer Juan Ramírez, dancer Emilia Contreras Cortés “La Chocolata” etc. The cast of Flamenco Candela before anything else tries to demonstrate the tradition behind the art of flamenco, equally today as tomorrow without losing the fundamental characteristics of pure flamenco, offering a variable show that’s apt for a variety of spectators, with or without a previous knowledge of flamenco.

Miguel Puerta: Costa Blanca's Got Talent First Prize Winner

We would like to thank the Emerald Isle, the Costa Blanca's Got Talent organisation, Sunshine FM, Viva TV, audience and judges for their support and warm applause showed every single night during this event. It has been an honor for us both being selected to perform in the final heat joining very talented artists, singers and dancers.